Alvin & Wanda in the river by the giant cypress at Camp Kickitoo - it ain't your daddy'summer camp

April 28, 2014: Johnnie Hargrave, who was Camp Kickitoo's construction foreman and played the part of the Golf Course Dude, is in production on his feature film "Fine Line," which he wrote and is producing, directing and starring in. Also starring in the film is Texas musical legend Tommy Hancock. Camp Kickitoo's Director of Photography Phil Curry is also lensing Johnnie's film and Kickitoo co-director Ric Sternberg and featured actor Leonard Wilson are both appearing in it, as is Camp Kickitoo's still photographer, set decorator and greenswoman Mara Eurich (who also played the "Bag Lady" in one of our street scenes.) Here are some photos that Ric took on the "Fine Line" set on April 26th.

We are sad to report that our own gorgeous female lead, Yahel Johnson, is valiantly battling bone cancer and is incurring enormous medical bills. If you can spare some money to help her out, please go to her Go Fund Me campaign. Meanwhile, Yahel hasn't been sitting idle. She is working hard and maintaining a great attitude while fighting this cancer. And while she does it, she is doing a podcast called Cinematic Black Planet, on which she and Noble Brown critique new and old movies, tv series and anything in between. It can be found at

Here's a report from our terrific male lead, Chae Balistreri: "Last year, I played a small part in the film 'Bigfoot Wars', which, if I'm not mistaken, should air on ScyFy later this year. Like most of my projects, I have yet to see any footage from the film; though it was done in 4k, which is really exciting for me. The part came about from my helping a director some five years back. He told me back then that he would return the favor and, after all those years, he shocked me by staying true to what he had promised. It was a great experience and was done in a beautiful part of Texas. The makeup and costume designs were top notch and everyone on set was professional, courteous, and hard working. It never ceases to amaze me how much passion goes into film making. A person cannot simply decide to make films, more like their heart has to cry out for it, because it demands so much of one's self. But, like all good endeavors, it is so richly rewarding." And here's another news flash: Chae has enlisted as an Airman in the US Air Force. Good flying, Chae!

Here's an exciting report from Brenda Isaacs-Booth, who was marvelous as Chae's mother, Mildred: "I had a wonderful role in a Nicholas Cage film, Joe, directed by David Gordon Green (Pineapple Express). The film is quite dark and is based on a novel of the same name by Larry Brown. Rumor has it that it will be released in April. I play the mother of the lead boy (Tye Sheridan). We are a homeless family riddled with severe dysfunction - addiction, abuse, mental illness. Not pretty! The man who played my husband was an actual homeless man that they found on the streets in Austin and he is amazing in the film. Unfortunately, he died a few weeks after we wrapped.

I also did a show for PBS called The American Experience: War of the Worlds.  I play Bertha Boughton, a woman recalling her experience of listening to the radio broadcast in 1938.

Just a few weeks ago I shot a national Chevrolet commercial. Look for the one with a guy, a pick up truck and a bull! LOL

My 17 year old son, Liam, just had 5 weeks of work shooting a television pilot called Deliverance Creek. It was my first time being a "stage mom". Liam had the time of his life! The show takes place during the civil war and we filmed in at least 8 different locations. He plays "Runt" a kid in a gang of adult men outlaws so there were uniforms, guns, horses and so on. It stars Lauren Ambrose (Six Feet Under) and everyone was so kind and supportive of Liam. A great experience! Dressing up, missing lots of school and making a ton of money - every teenage boy's dream!"

Albraden Hills, our hilarious cross-dresser Sunny, has been doing standup comedy and sketch comedy. Look for him around town.

Here's a little update from Beky Hayes, who played Cat, the kick-ass bass player in the camp band, Bum Rap: "Recently, Beky played a dual role (the Cigarette Girl, and the Nurse) in Kat Albert's surrealist short film LILA EXPOSES ALL. She is currently co-producing/directing a pilot for SCENESTERS, an Austin rock-and-roll comedy series. She also sings and plays bass for Austin rock band THE SURLYS, with a debut album coming out in early 2014."

Shannon Kramp, who designed some of the fantastic hip-hop fashions for the film, sent in this: "I have been continuing costume design in films when I have free time from my day job as a tailor. Since I moved to Buffalo, I worked on three feature films, several commercials and shorts. I also freelance as a wardrobe stylist and have been featured in a few magazines this year. I post all my updates on my website:

And this came from Ken Thomas, who was so good as camp councellor Duane: "Well since we wrapped I got divorced, re-married, and moved to Germany where I'm still living now. 2013 was a pretty good year and I got pretty lucky with a couple acting jobs over here. The first one is a TV film called "Landauer" and it aired on Germany TV in January 2014. It turned out pretty well and I made a very good friend and contact that runs an acting school here.

The second job was a speaking role in the film called "Big Game" where I play "Navy Seal1" and my scene is with none other than the certified bad- ass himself, Mr. Samuel L. Jackson. It was a lot of fun to work on even though the weather was very cold 2000 meters up on a mountain in Garmisch, which is in the Southern part of Germany. The coolest part was that I got to film on my birthday, so it made for an excellent birthday present."

Carla Daws, who played our wonderful camp director Sister Paulette, sent this update: "Since CK I did two short films with the UT film school which were premiered last spring and currently making the festival circuit. The first was Gammy Gwen and the Rapture directed by Brittany Beeber and the second was First by Mariam Aziz. I did a feature called New World Man not yet released. Robert Rodriguez has a small role in it. In the beginning of this year, I was in a play directed by Lee Colee called Quartet (same as the film directed by Dustin Hoffman.)" (EDITOR'S NOTE: Annie and I saw the play and thoroughly enjoyed it.)

My hubby and I are co-starring in a Wimberley based feature call Nudged by Smith Creek Studios. I also did a music video for the band Holiday Mountain.

Here's a report from Purly Gates, who played the banjo part in the "Up in Smoke" theme music and can be seen busking on the street during the opening montage: "Here are the highlights, since CK:
Dec.2013            Location sound recordist, pitch demo for local TV show, Austin, TX
      2013            Location sound recordist for short film “On the Fence”, Austin, TX
      2013            Soundtrack for short film "On the Fence", Austin, TX
     2012-13        Instructor in multi-track digital audio recording, live sound & radio production, working with teens and adults with disabilities."

And here's what Street Juggler Kent Cummins had to report: "Kent Cummins, 'The Bungling Juggler,' is now semi-retired and living in Georgetown to be closer to his grandkids. But he still managed to do nearly 100 shows in 2013! (Apparently, Kent doesn't really understand the concept of 'retirement!'"

Me (co-director Ric Sternberg)? Well, I made it through some interesting health issues - a brain tumor and Hodgkins Lymphoma - but I'm feeling fine and now fully functional. Last May, Annie and I celebrated my recovery with a 3 week vacation in Greece and Turkey, where I was inspired to start writing a screenplay for a story that takes place there. It is still in progress. Here's a little short I put together about our 3 day sailboat trip along the Turkish coast. I produced a short documentary on last year's Earth Day Festival, called Earth City Austin. Other Kickitoo cast and crew members involved in that production: Phil Curry, Johnnie Hargrave, Caleb Hey, East Side Flash, Riddlore and my son Reed, who was the Festival Director. This past January, Sully and I represented Camp Kickitoo at the Eureka Springs Indie Film Festival. Here's a short video. Also, in this past year, I put together these little enviro-political message pieces: Texas is #1, Haiku for the Streams, and Bring Your Own Bag. I've also done a few music videos for Stuart Ross and am doing some writing on a screenplay that I started in 2006.

My incredible wife, Annie Borden, Camp Kickitoo's associate producer, catering and transportation coordinator and all-around set mother, has also had a busy life lately. She has been writing a memoir about her 3 year world travel adventures. Some of her writing appears in an essay in an anthology that has recently been released called "Kid Me Not." She has just completed her training as a kundalini yoga instructor and will soon be teaching locally, and she continues to teach 3D modeling and rendering at ACC's Game Institute.

July 4, 2012: We are pleased to announce that Camp Kickitoo is now being shown on pay TV in Africa. We have a licensing deal with Comart Films, a distributor with offices in Amsterdam and South Africa. They have licensed the film for the continent of Africa and adjacent islands, for six screenings over two years. There have already been two screenings, one in May and one in June, on DSTV M-Net Star, Channel 11. Watch this space for more distribution news.
June 15, 2012: Our fundraising campaign on Kickstarter was a success. Thanks to our generous Kickstarter backers, we raised over $15,000 during the 30 day campaign. Thanks, y'all.

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